Sweet pastry is the project that is close to my heart due to my passion for pastry. One of my goals is to share my experiences and knowledge in this field. As a result, I can also be of service to all pastry enthusiasts.

My goal is to please, to see the joy and happiness that the exploitation of this universe brings, the enhancement of taste but also the importance of the design of each creation. For me, pastry is also art since precision is necessary for a spectacular result!

How to forget the sparkling eyes of your children by discovering their beautiful birthday cake with their favorite cartoon as a decoration. Making them happy and satisfied is a source of pride for me.

Offered Sweet pastry ?

An online store

Sweet Pastry is a shop that offers basic materials and ingredients for pastry making, ranging from a simple spatula to sugar paste for designer cakes or coloring to color small macaroons and many other preparations.

In short, I want to offer all the necessary equipment for an amateur or professional pastry chef. But above all, to offer them quality products and make them accessible!

A passion

After so many years lost in professional uncertainty, I have finally found my way! Fifteen years old is much too young an age to impose on us a choice of profession, when we are just emerging from childhood. How to know which profession will fascinate us and above all, to do internships in companies with people who are not there by choice, but by need.

The profession will not be transmitted in the same way. Being trained for a few days by a person impregnated and passionate about their profession is much more interesting and motivating, even magical.

Sharing, Love, Joy

Pastry rhymes with pleasure, sharing, love, gifts, joy, happiness and transmission of knowledge. What more can be said ?

So many good times that we can share thanks to its sweets, these are memories that are created at any time.

Pastry is a whole story, it’s life, and mine too.